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Stories written in stone

Natural Stone Photo Gallery

Do you have a story to tell? Tell it in stone. Looking for inspiration? We invite you to view the images of our work below.

If you need some help developing an idea for your home or landscape please contact us. Feel free to refer to any of the images here to help us get a sense of your preferences.

The mason’s struggle:

“I select a stone from a pile, think of a good place in the wall for it, and begin shaping it. The shaping work needs to be careful, rhythmic, and patient. Each stone has hidden fracture lines that, when agitated, can turn a potentially great rock into broken waste. The rhythm in which I set my chisel in place and hit it with the hammer is not so much set by me as lived in. Attempting to stop the hammer mid-swing is never a good idea, so it’s very important to be patient, carefully placing the chisel on a flat face that will transfer the hammer’s energy straight down into the stone and hopefully break off a chip to reveal a brand new face, known only to me and God.

The mason’s struggle is to bring out potential, without overwriting the created beauty of the earth.”

Ben Bouwman