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Stories written in stone

About Thorstone

We believe that the best things in life are not thoughtlessly or hurriedly assembled overnight. Rather, the best things in life are the result of a passionate artisan’s careful attention, hard earned skill, and long hours of work.

Stone wall

Our mission is to build truly beautiful and functional structures to enhance living space both indoors and in the landscape.

We are natural stone specialists and “Dry Laid” experts and we’re passionate about natural stone as both a building material and story telling medium. We want to help people slow down, become aware of the story that is unfolding around them in their surroundings, and to become involved in the creation of something that stands the test of time, speaks to countless generations and points to something greater than any one individual or society.

We are committed to providing the highest level of craftsmanship to owners or caretakers of fine homes and historical buildings in the Greater Toronto area (GTA) and throughout Southern Ontario including, Aberdeen, Old Ancaster, Aldershot, Burlington, Carlisle, Old Dundas, Flamborough, Guelph, Hamilton, Niagara-On-the-Lake, Oakville, Waterdown, and Westdale.

Some of our clients include Historical Societies and Institutions as well as building and landscape contractors. In short, we work for people who care about story, history, craftsmanship, quality, aesthetics, longevity.

Some reasons you can be confident in choosing Thorstone:

  • We’re knowledgable and creative.
  • We have experience in both the building and the landscape construction industry.
  • We’re courteous, efficient and reliable.
  • We get to know our clients by name.
  • We do what we say we will do (integrity).
  • We build things to last.

From the owner:

Joel Bouwman

“I have been working directly with natural stone since 1998.

I am humbled and inspired daily by the beauty and potential of stone. No other building material comes in such variety, is so durable, or is quite as genuine.

I believe in producing quality work. My team and I take great care even as we expend much effort to transform raw natural stone into functional, durable, attractive, and expressive installations.

Balance between good material, artistic intent, and carefully developed skill is essential.

All materials are hand selected for each individual project.

All work carries a warranty.

All work is rewarding when done with integrity.

I look forward to working with you in hopes of manifesting your project and vision.”

Joel Bouwman
, Owner

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